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Decades of Global Excellence

We excels in global commodity trade with two decades of expertise, ensuring reliable, quality sourcing through responsible practices and advanced technology.
We excel by directly sourcing premium coal globally, ensuring top-notch quality and reliability for our clients.
With an established network, we provide seamless cross-country trade, offering unparalleled precision, on-time delivery, and quality assurance.

Great Track Record

Consistent, profitable growth since inception, navigating commodity price cycles. Strong ties with suppliers, customers, and financiers, delivering vital commodities reliably, efficiently, and responsibly.

Wide Range of Commodities

Our business encompasses oil, gas, metals, carbon markets, and renewables. With a leading shipping arm, we offer diverse commodities, adapting to market changes for global customer needs.

Dedicated People and Developed Expertise

Employee-owned model fosters commodity research, offering unique insights. Cultivates long-term perspective, relationship-building, distinguishing us from competitors in performance and approach.

What We Provide



Global supplier of top-quality coking coal, metallurgical coke, and steam coal. Diverse, reliable sourcing from Australia, Colombia, Russia, China, and Indonesia ensures a consistent and high-quality supply for your industrial ...



Essential metals like aluminium, copper, and zinc are pivotal for a low-carbon economy, integral to constructing renewables, electric vehicles, energy storage, and powering the internet with lead batteries.



Critical minerals, including lithium, rare earth elements, and graphite, are essential for modern technologies. They’re crucial for batteries, electronics, and renewable energy applications, driving innovation and sustainability.



Leading in recycling and construction, we offer high-quality ferrous and non-ferrous scrap materials, including iron, aluminum, and copper. Competitive prices, extensive capabilities, and open to new opportunities.

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